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Beef Jerky Ice Cream? Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.

This century has given us nothing if not food mashups beyond our wildest imagination. Chalupas inside of burritos wrapped in nachos. Philly cheesesteak pineapple pizza salad. Bacon ranch jello shooters. Mustard pops.

So it’s not that far-fetched to picture Beef Jerky Ice Cream.

I was skeptical at first. When I heard about it and went to Don’s Beef Jerky Ice Cream Emporium, proprietor Don Wishlaw put my mind to rest.

“You just whoop up a regular ice cream cone, whatever flavor, and jam a stick of jerky in there.”

Only my taste buds would deliver the final verdict, and by gosh, Don passed with flying colors.

There is no mistaking that this perplexing little concoction tastes at first like ice cream, then comes a hint of jerky. Your results may vary, as I started with the outer part where the ice cream was.

People will tell you not to process beef where you make ice cream. But those people haven’t tried Jerky Ice Cream.

For example, if you start by biting into the jerky before getting to the ice cream, you will encounter a sensation of beef jerky (Don promises that turkey, elk, and eggplant jerky are soon to follow) and presumably a wave of ice cream thereafter.

Among the buzz I heard before visiting Don were some complaints about the lack of flavors (vanilla, chocolate, bubble gum), the steep price ($8 for a single scoop cone), and violent stomach cramps. But I flung all this aside in the interest of exploration. This is a foodie review column, after all!

In case you’re curious, I got vanilla with jerky just to establish a baseline. I didn’t want any exotic ice cream flavoring to interfere with my initial experience. I won’t comment on the price, as the market will decide, and personally I had only mild stomach cramps along with let’s just say an adventurous evening back home.

My photographer, who refused to sample the treats, did phone me while I was doubled over in pain on my bathroom floor to say that Don’s had been closed down shortly afterward for unspecified health code infractions.

Hopefully Don will get back on track soon so I can go back and try the Bubble Gum Ice Cream + Eggplant Jerky.