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Thanks Obama!

Have you seen these twisty lightbulbs? They’re so freakin’ cool!

I’ve been a consumer of light products for many years. If there was something in the house or workplace that needed light, I had it covered.

For most of that time, and for context I’m talking about the latter part of the twentieth century up to the first decade of this one, most of those light products were conventional incandescent light bulbs or those oblong fluorescent ones. There was the occasional halogen or some other exotic type, usually for fancy office things that required special equipment from Italy.

But nowadays it’s all the rage to nab these awesome gnarly things. You can just go to the grocery store and they’re right there on the shelf. Just buy ’em up.

There should be an image of three rooms here, displaying some lighting options. You're not missing much, but we are sad that something isn't working.
Light. We sometimes take it for granted, but you can accomplish anything with a little illumination.

The reason for my enthusiasm? Light. Just look at these rooms and how well lit they are. Sure, other forms of light bulbs can provide light. But consider this: Millions upon millions of ready-made sockets made for yesteryear’s incandescent bulbs and you can simply screw these new ones right in.

You read that right. Virtually any one of these newfangled pretzelesque light appliances, whatever they might be inside, will just pop right into the vast infrastructure laid down by long gone ancestors.

I’m thrilled to be bringing you the news of this revolutionary development, and I plan to bring light to my world with these bomb-ass looking bulbs for some time to come.