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The go-to movie for when you kinda want to watch something

“Vampire Cop” [insert review summary here]

The new [genre] movie from [director] starring [stars] is a [adjective phrase], perhaps the most so since [prequel or comp movie] in [year].

The [adjective] story kicks off with [initiating event] and puts us right in the middle of [main plot].

Things get [adjective] when [main character], played by [main character actor] confronts [main antagonist or obstacle] with the help of [secondary character or love interest] and then we’re off and running to the [climactic situation].

[Movie title] is a [descriptive phrase] in the vein of classics like [comp movie] and explores the same theme of [theme]. [Director]’s grasp of the medium is apparent in the [interesting aspect of movie] as is also apparent in [main character actor]’s [adjective] portrayal of [main character].

If you’re a [target demographic] and love films that bring [event from trailer] to the forefront, then [movie title] is the one for you.

This reviewer [adverb] [past tense verb related to approval or disapproval] it, and I bet you will too.

[Movie title] is playing in theaters [date].

ED: Having a hard time finding this one, let me know where I can watch it before you publish. Or let me know if someone in the office has seen it. I heard it sucks big time but the studio is buying a lot of ads so…