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Ridicule sign of insecurity, says guy in goofy shirt

CHARLESTON, SC – A man wearing a “Yeah It’s Tapioca” t-shirt claims that mocking him is an indicator of anxiety or lack of confidence in oneself, according to a group of totally normal guys.

The high school boys mocking Tapioca Boy, as they called him, are on spring break and wandering the waterfront. They describe themselves as more representative of “regular people” and suitable arbiters of good taste.

One of the boys says they plan to further deride the man, an unassuming but formidable military combat expert, from nearby.

Unanimously, they offered the opinion that the man’s shirt was “ridiculous”, “goofy”, and “the dumbest thing [they] ever saw”.

The man in the shirt largely ignored the group of 15- to 17-year-olds, who followed and taunted him for a short time. Before being escorted off the premises by a shopping center security guard, one of the boys inquired as to where he bought the shirt but received no answer.

The man in the tapioca shirt shrugged off the incident, then resumed signing autographs at a Mixed Martial Arts event where he was a panelist.


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