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Rising tide lifts all boats, inundates pedestrians

The tide, a fluctuation of sea levels caused by Earth’s rotation and gravity exerted by the sun and moon, presents few problems for vessels that float.

For those who do not have boats, vast quantities of water pose a problem. Sometimes it comes at them with great force, and even though it is not intended for them, it can overwhelm them. If they can stay afloat long enough, they can usually get to dry land or tread water until the next cycle comes around.

Some people do have boats and cannot get to them when it’s most crucial. Or sometimes the structure where their boat was gets destroyed. Sometimes someone else flat out stole their boats.

Those with big boats, or lots of boats, do not often have this problem. They sometimes look at people walking around on low ground and wonder why they don’t move somewhere else or just get a boat.

Other people look around and wonder how an analogy got so stretched as to place all the importance on sailing. Of course a rising tide raises all boats. The boats were going to float anyway, no matter what. The point is that if you have a boat, you’re going to be fine.

Not everybody has a boat, and not everybody lives on the water.

And sometimes the water comes to  you.

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