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Film composer Alon Smethei accommodated hundreds of changes from studio executives, resulting in a soundtrack he has renounced

Romantic Theme Just Main Theme Played Slower

GADSDEN, AL – Moviegoers have discerned that the romantic theme music in the love scene is the same melody as the main theme music, played at half the speed.

“At first I was enjoying the moment,” said Daria Morteno at the premiere of the action romance film Speedy Vehicle. “The part where he admits he’s a bad boy, but then she says she likes bad boys, and they’re going to kiss.”

Theater patrons have placed bets that the chase scene will do the same, only faster

Then Morteno began to recognize the tune being played over the scene.

“It ruined the suspension of belief,” she said. “I was right there with the narrative, then it struck me: That’s the main title theme. Did they think we wouldn’t notice? Knowing that the composer cheaped out on a pivotal part of the story like this diminishes the whole experience.”

Fellow viewer Harrison Manke agreed, adding that recognizing the theme was akin to using “Mary Had a Little Lamb” as a main theme, “Then you get to the lovey dovey part and they go ‘maaaaaaaarrrry haaaaaad a liiiiiiittle laaaaaamb…'”

Morteno now wants to go through her personal collection and see if older movies did the same thing.

“I’ve come to realize that I have rather high expectations with regard to leitmotifs.”

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