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Serendeputy solves cases sketching crime scenes

SAGACITAW – A rookie on the Sagacitaw police force has caught dozens of criminals unintentionally, simply by applying his powers of observation. Serendeputy Al Fleming sketches crime scenes after the initial police work is done, and usually provides leads that others missed.

“Sometimes he’ll really bring a thumbprint into the foreground.”

Sheriff Lou Galvan of Sagacit County created the position of serendeputy after a string of unsolved cases began to weigh on the community. “I knew this fellow Al had a way of finding things other people were looking for, although he wasn’t necessarily looking for them himself,” said Galvan. “I thought we’d put him to work for the public good.”

Fleming had been working on the town square as a street artist, drawing passersby for spare change. He would point out inconsistencies in people’s stories based on small details in their appearance, if only for the purposes of getting the drawing right.

An artist’s eye brings attention to details even the most seasoned investigator missed.

“For a mechanic, your husband has very soft hands,” Fleming said on one occasion when Sheriff Galvan was standing nearby. Fleming had revealed lies of several persons on the same day, and Galvan offered him a job.

“He’ll look around the room, start drawing, and then ask some little thing about the scene,” said Galvan. “He may point out the fact that the blood spatters go one direction, which the crime scene unit found already, but then he’ll sketch a bit and ask why the door isn’t open like it was when the sun was on the opposite wall, leading us to find that it had been open and that was why the spatter went in that direction, because of the wind, and within twenty minutes we’ve got a suspect.”

As a bonus, the Sheriff’s department sells the artwork to defend against lawsuits from wrongly accused defendants implicated by Fleming’s evidence gathering.

The Sheriff has considered providing Fleming with conventional police training, but in his words “that might mess up a good thing.”

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  1. Columbo Columbo June 3, 2008

    What, no sketches?

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