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No one attends more events than they do.

Silhouettes are your biggest fans

No matter what type of entertainment you provide, or what sort of entity you are, silhouettes are guaranteed to be your most enthusiastic supporters.

These guys are crazy about you.

“You can be a bunch of models onstage posing as a band, and these solid shapes of a single color will always turn out, losing their minds as if you were really playing the instruments,” said Liam Luneburg, who manages a virtual music arena.

“They are nothing if not consistent. Every single event they attend they do it with their fullest passion. Honestly, given the amount of things they go to, I don’t know how they do it.”

No matter what’s going on, they go wild.

Silhouettes can be found attending huge clusters of lens flares, giant fractal images, bodies of water, or even literally nothing at all.

“Sunset! Whoooo!”

“Their level of commitment is unmatched in the fan world,” said Luneburg. “They never seem to get tired, and they’re just as pumped about whatever it is after hours of being there.”

“Sun’s gone! Whooooo!”

No silhouettes responded to requests for interviews, although their representative indicated that if we were to hold an event of any kind we could get them to show up.

“I think that’s the key,” said Luneburg. “You can’t throw too much at them. You kinda have to let them do their thing and stay out of the way.”

You will never have better fans than this.

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