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Questions remain as to how the paper, cotton, and ashes benefit the soil.

Smoker proud of biodegradable butts in yard

EMPHYSEE, MA – Cigarette aficionado Wayne Kennerly is doing his part for future generations by depositing only biodegradable butts in his front yard.

“I used to smoke Brynner 100’s, but I found out those had fiberglass in the filter,” said Kennerly. “These Taos Vortex Naturals are totally cotton. Except for the tobacco part.”

Kennerly plans to leave the burnt stumps of his cigarettes out until they break down from exposure to the elements, which may well happen during his lifetime.

“It doesn’t say that on the label, but that’s because they can’t make claims like that legally. I heard it from a buddy who knows the distributor,” explained Kennerly. “Besides, if those big companies are putting fiberglass in their cigarettes, who knows what else? I’m not putting that in my body.”

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