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Spelling Error Leads To Weasels Vaccine

NEW MONIA – Due to a simple mistyped word in a proposal, researchers at Klumsig Laboratories have developed a vaccine against weasels. The proposal from an unnamed agency was supposed to be for an improved treatment for measles.

“You could say it’s serendipitous,” said immunologist Fran Tolleson. “We didn’t find what we were supposed to be looking for, but we did come up with this pleasant surprise.”

Klumsig will apparently keep the funding for the project, because they fulfilled the terms of the proposal.

Tolleson suggests that the new vaccine may be helpful to poultry farmers who wish to safeguard their chickens from weasels.

“We have not yet determined if it is effective in chickens, or for that matter at all. We also don’t know if it may also be useful in warding off ermines, minks or ferrets.”

Klumsig already has begun planning its next vaccines for humps and nutella.

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