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Stadium dimensions result in standing wave

PORT NUNCA, MO – The crowd at Henderson Stadium for the Nuncas is always enthusiastic, but until now no one could explain why sections 302 through 309 got stuck yelling with their hands in the air.

Fans of the popular field hockey team frequently engage in a form of cheering known as the “wave”, a metachronal rhythm produced by the sequential action of spectators rising in sections to yell and raise their arms.

Due to the dimensions of the stadium and the discontiguous nature of the seating sections, attempts at sustaining the wave end in disparate waves propagating around the field. Seven sections at the north end of the stadium manifest an interference pattern, trapping the action of the wave in place.

“I don’t follow what all that’s about,” said stadium manager Tiny Frizzell, “but the people keep coming to the games, so we’re not going to do much about it.”

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