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Stained Glass Cleaned Up

BRIDGEPORT, CT – Art restoration enthusiast Greta Linville has removed ink stains from an ornamental glass lamp, say sources.

Linville’s artistic repair elicits visceral reactions wherever she works.

“It was put together by someone named Tiffany, apparently, and whoever she was didn’t have much experience keeping discoloration out of the glass panes,” said Linville, who used bleach and hydrogen peroxide in varying phases to restore the glass to its original luster.

“Some of the tinting was particularly stubborn, but I got it out.”

Linville took separate approaches to segments of glass that were at varying levels of blemishing, dismantling the lamp to dip the most damaged pieces.

“The Hays family hired me to do general cleaning while they’re on vacation, but my hallmark is to over-deliver. They are going to be so surprised.” Linville also plans to make some of the paintings on the wall ‘a little less abstract.’

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