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Stuccosaurus fossil restored

PORTLAND – A new species of dinosaur has been discovered in the suburban regions of what is now western North America.

Stuccosaurus (Stegosauridae Lathandplaster, “siding lizard”) had distinctive tail spikes and back plates like its cousin, Stegosaurus. It also lived in the Late Jurassic period (Early Baroque to Rococo), often gathering in rows along similarly shaped plots of land.

“We think the rough, monochromatic exterior was there to cover a less appealing skin underneath,” said Ron Tadelakt, curator of the Feign Museum of Science and Natural History. “Stuccosaurus flourished in its time, and had various pigments, depending on habitat.”

The coating provided a durable, weather-resistant shield from the elements, and was attractive to other stuccosauri. However, it could be chipped or broken easily, and this may have contributed to its extinction about 145 million years ago.

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