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TED Talk on perseverance is like 20 minutes long

VANCOUVER – A TED Talk by Earnie Pomonos on the Secret of Perseverance has a running time of more than 18 minutes, severely hampering the will of potential viewer Cameron Swofford to watch it in full.

“I was hoping for more like a three or four minute video,” said Swofford. “That I could get into.”

Swofford is reportedly in between school and work situations, weighing options on both sides. “I’m looking for some motivational type stuff, and this one on persistence or tenacity, that stuck with me. But I just don’t have that kind of time to devote to one guy speaking, sorry.”

The video in question details Pomonos’ award-winning productivity techniques, and has been hailed by industry leaders as nothing short of a miraculous achievement in workplace potency.

Swofford has expressed interest in self-development, especially as it pertains to the skill of sticking with something long enough to get a job done.

“Gonna finish building out my clans in a couple of online games I got going,” said Swofford, who has also been following a number of YouTube video blogs on dubstep and mashups.

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