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The editor thought dolphins kissing might get more post engagement. Whatever.

Test post more interesting than actual content, part 2

DENVER, CO – With a test post meant only to verify the connectivity between the main page and a social media page, the editor inadvertently published a story more engaging than what would have otherwise appeared in this space, again.

The hastily chosen side picture and caption were of lower quality this time around.

The post needed only to have a headline, an image, and a few short paragraphs of copy to insure that all elements were being forwarded to an unseen page on a popular social media site, for the purposes of viewing the forwarded post there.

This time around, the story was being posted expressly to test the excerpt feature, so that the whole blurb didn’t show up on the Facebook page.

“The story that was going to go out had to do with cookie dough and parking fines, and frankly wasn’t well thought out, researched, or written,” said senior editor Mulligan Stewart. “We would have done better with a follow-up story on the Gnocchia Phone or more about the Spellcheck Virus from a previous story.”

The editorial board has been made aware of this situation and is taking it under advisement.

The general public should ignore this post and not question authority.

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