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There is no limit to scarcity

Every single drop of water in the ocean plays a role in the concomitant short supply of clouds in a clear blue sky. There is an abundance of shortage when one takes a closer look at the lack of evidence for it.

Wherever you find superfluity, you will also find paucity. The aficionado of synonymy will coetaneously embrace the dubious role of ephemerality. Fallacious arguments on behalf of surplus belie the inherent nature of those same elements which keep it lacking.

The same can be posited for the inexorableness of limpidity, even munificence in conation.

There is a plentiful explication of this primary thesis, however the antecedent itself dictates a brevity in discourse.

In conclusion, newfound exigency in lexical fecundity combined with privation in moral compunction as pertains to salience thus consigns us hitherto. Also random search traffic.


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