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This Day In History – 1981: Detroit Unveils The Chrysler Credenza

DETROIT – Fans of wood panel siding were rewarded beyond their wildest dreams when Chrysler Corporation launched the all-wood exterior Credenza on March 23, 1981.

The organic-skinned car model was available in numerous finishes including Oak, Cherry, Larch, and Mahogany. A special lacquer helped keep the burnished finish strong and shiny. The DX line offered options of marquetry and marble tops.

“Consumers clamored for something you’d want to drive or serve a buffet on, and we gave it to ’em,” said lead designer Linden Hutch. “The glove compartment doubles as a sideboard for serving dishes and silverware.”

Despite respectable sales, the model was discontinued because customers were parking the Credenza in confined spaces, which could have led to dangerous carbon monoxide levels.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous March 29, 2008

    Detroit, MI- Chrysler spokesperson Don Hasleck said “Folks have always loved the simulated wood look on the inside and outside of cars.” He added “With the high price of plastic and oil and steel, we though, -wtf-? why not just use wood for the whole thing?”

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