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Thumb in soup not like one lost in kitchen

WINDER, GA – Diners at the roadside Ephemera Grill found a thumb in a soup they ordered, but upon inquiring with management found that it did not belong to a kitchen staffer who had lost his thumb recently.

“At first they were like, ‘Cool, we were looking for that,’ but a little sleuthing and they figured out it wasn’t the guy’s thumb,” said Jolene Payeur, whose business associate had ordered the tomato bisque that contained the severed digit.

Matt, a dish washer at Ephemera, initially believed that the thumb might be his. Two days prior, he had been making a sandwich and lopped it off, whereupon it bounced across the make line and into an undetermined pot.

“Colin (the lead cook) decided to stir it up like we do the salad dressing when something falls in there,” said Matt, who did not want to use his last name for warrant reasons. “I assumed it was a goner, and then today Frances runs back here and says ‘We found your thumb!’ But it was not to be.”

The restaurant is temporarily closed while management fumigates for fleas. Matt indicated that Frances regrets allowing dogs to be brought into the kitchen.

Payeur believes that Ephemera “won’t be here long.”

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