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Nothing left to which we have not added bacon

Bacon wasabi raisin panettone with a bacon mint chai latte

LOUISVILLE, KY – The artisan food industry reports that it’s out of things to add bacon to. Coffee shops, candy stores, restaurants, smoothie bars, chocolatiers, cotton candy vendors, gum manufacturers, sparkling water bottlers, sushi bars, ice cream trucks, wax lips makers, pacifier and baby formula companies, book binders, video game developers, gardening supply centers, florists, pipe tobacco companies, antiperspirant producers, record labels, space agencies, purveyors of fine stationery, massage therapists, candle makers, communion wafer bakers, crazy straw factories, wood polish mixers, emergency room suppliers, and salad dressing brands, among others, report that they are increasingly stumped for ideas for products they can suffuse with crispy, salt-cured pork.

Bacon miso cupcakes with brie icing

Public reactions to various concoctions over the past few years have ranged from revulsion to “Where can I get that?” but the emerging state of things is inescapable. Vendors wishing to find new things to sprinkle or infuse with bacon will have to invent them.

There are related issues with the production of pork, in part the 1.5 billion pigs slaughtered annually, the growing threat of antibiotic-resistant diseases ushered along by their living conditions, and the unsustainable handling of their waste that threatens ecosystems and human health.

Industry experts continue to work on ways to promote new uses of bacon.

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