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"The IRS is a made-up agency anyway," said the man who used to make phone calls as an imaginary publicist.

Trump Refuses To Show Taxes To IRS

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. President Donald J. Trump raised eyebrows today by announcing that he will not comply with demands from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to provide his tax forms, an action required of all taxpayers.

A contract accountant who does not yet know she will not be paid

“Maybe it’s because he’s not a taxpayer,” said supporter Bill McCawber. “Why would they need to see your taxes if you don’t have any? Plus, he’s the president, so he can do whatever he wants.”

Tax experts are not so sure. “Virtually anyone who draws income of any kind is liable for taxes,” said Caterina Kemper, an accountant who has prepared taxes for thousands of clients. “Being president doesn’t afford you any kind of exception.”

The IRS is the federal agency responsible for collecting taxes and investigating erroneous or fraudulent returns, unless you have control over the department.

“This is an outrage,” said a member of Congress who has no meaningful avenue to pursue action. “Add it to the pile, I guess.”

A spokesperson for the IRS had no comment.

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