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"Most of you will be able to hum this one."

Unable to jam, area band writes and plays songs

PINE OAKS – Local rock band Horseface, a new addition to the burgeoning suburban Pine Oaks scene, are reasonably talented on their respective instruments. However, they lack the ability to wail on for hours on the same groove.

The band therefore resorts to writing and performing “songs about stuff,” as lead singer Jeremy Eamaux puts it. “We never learned how to stretch a few chord changes into a 20-minute thing.”

“It just seemed like all we could do was squeeze three or four minutes out of an idea, with verses, choruses and sometimes a bridge,” added bassist Chad Ripley. “We tried jamming, but couldn’t resist the urge to put a beginning and an end on things.”

Eamaux reports that the band’s focus on concise, structured material has hampered their efforts at securing live gigs. “Plus, we don’t smoke dope.”

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