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Mars Rover spent several hours cruising around the parking lot, but was ejected for loitering.

Vacant strip mall spotted on Mars

MARS – NASA has discovered an abandoned strip mall on the surface of the red planet. The dilapidated shopping center appears to have a low or nonexistent customer base, and a worn-down parking lot.

“We haven’t even landed humans on Mars yet, and there’s already a deteriorating strip mall there,” said NASA Exoplanet Retail Specialist Pavel Grozgy. “We’ve spotted what seems to have been a grocery store, possibly a Kroger, flanked by a liquor store and a former Radio Shack that had turned into a dollar store.”

Remarkably, a check cashing store on the end appears to remain in operation, although mission specialists are awaiting confirmation. Questions persist about the construction, ownership and management of the shopping center.

“We see this on Earth, too. The check cashing stores are harbingers of death for shopping centers, and they often survive the rest of the retail outlets it kills.”

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