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Every single one of them. Both times.

Which is another reason I like non sequiturs

SOUTH DETROIT – Nobody ever talks about Weebles anymore. There could be a dozen Thursdays on this itinerary, and it still wouldn’t make a difference. You guys went there too, right?

One thing I’ve learned about cats is that they will not take pills, with or without pill pockets. You can rewind it with just a pencil. Sixteen moons at last count, but they’re still looking. Double-stuffing!

Hold up the card and make a hissing sound with your teeth. Chronic foot pain sufferer, too, and not just because of Edwin. It’s really more of a conspiracy hypothesis. If Artificial Intelligence could write them, there probably wouldn’t be any more representatives at drug stores. This is the part where they jump the creek, but look at how there’s not a ramp there.

Popcorn, nothing but popcorn. Where did the feet go?

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