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World record bungee jumper plunges 402 km

LOW EARTH ORBIT – Not to be outdone by Felix Baumgartner’s record-setting supersonic freefall from 39 kilometers in the stratosphere to New Mexico, daredevil and amateur astronaut Scoob Stevenson bungee jumped from a record height of 402 kilometers.

Stevenson describes himself as more of a “space enthusiast” than an astronaut. He travels to space when he’s able to catch a ride on various countries’ missions.

“Great thing is that the conditions are always favorable in space,” said Stevenson of the zero G vacuum far above the earth’s atmosphere. “No worries about wind or rain, and there’s no air drag on the way down or back up.”

Stevenson’s jump was successful, hurtling him toward earth at supersonic speed before rebounding most of the distance back up to the craft. Unfortunately for Canada’s Hudson Orbiter, the craft from which Stevenson launched his jump, the massive tug from his bounce and the weight of the bungee cord lurched it out of orbit. All personnel had to abandon ship in escape pods and returned safely to earth, while the orbiter scuttled somewhere in the south Pacific Ocean.

Stevenson plans to repay Canada for the lost orbiter using proceeds from endorsement deals.

“Nothing solid yet, but I’m in conversations with a number of companies.”

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