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Wrong name dropped at party

MIDTOWN – Although he was unaware of it at the time, Rick from Sales picked the absolute worst name to check while talking to Karen from Accounting.

Things were going very well at the annual company party, and Rick didn’t even have too much to drink. He claims merely to have given some shout-outs to a few people who had helped him put together some proposals over the last few months.

Whether innocent banter or calculated innuendo, Rick’s list of names turned Karen’s face pale. She then left the party and did not return to work for three business days.

Speculation ran rampant throughout the company as to the identity of the offending name, but sources have not confirmed it as yet. Pundits near the coffee machine offered several candidates, including a service representative who may have been romantically linked to Karen.

At press time, neither Karen nor Rick responded to requests for interviews.

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