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Youth lodging chain acquired in hostel takeover

MALO JARKO, SLOVENIA – A larger company has made a successful bid in an effort to take control of a target company of youth hostels in a transaction pun that struggles to last beyond the headline.

Numerous parties to the purchase and subsequent post capitalizing on the one-liner attempted to extend the concept further, to no avail.

“We researched hostels, accommodations, corporate acquisitions, lots of topics to find more material to keep the gag going,” said Serge Milano, a fabricated official somehow related to the story. “In the end, we decided that the main thing was the headline and to leave it at that.”

Milano also noted that most readers just scan the headlines and achieve their desired results from that. “They get the joke and they move on. The fact that there’s a story there is mostly to reward the avid reader who craves detail.”

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