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Source of neck pain located

CHARLOTTE, NC – Bookstore manager Brady Berlinger had been suffering neck pain for weeks, and tried numerous tactics to alleviate it.

“I learned a bunch of different stretches, herbal remedies, hot compresses, cold compresses, nothing worked,” said Berlinger. “Turns out it was my pillow.”

By chance, Berlinger thought to change his bed sheets when something caught his attention. A pair of large metal grates that had been welded together were stuffed into the pillowcase.

“I did think it was a little heavy, but I assumed that was a side effect of my neck pain,” said Berlinger. “Funny how that loops back around there. It was the cause.”

Since replacing the metal grates with an actual pillow, Berlinger reports that his pain has subsided significantly. He has resolved to make sure that metal grates not make their way into his bed set in the future.


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