River Current Indicator


This portable, waterproof instrument will reveal the flow direction of any river, stream, or brook. Simply install on the surface of water, and it will do the rest!


It’s not always easy or straightforward determining which way a river is flowing. Now with one simple instrument, you can reveal the direction every single time! River Current Indicator is a waterproof, portable device with markings that leave nothing to doubt.

All you need to do is perform and easy installation of the device on the water’s surface, and River Current Indicator starts working immediately. Often only one reading is enough to definitively ascertain the river’s current direction.

River Current Indicator is not biodegradable, so care must be taken to uninstall and retrieve device from river immediately after operation.

Can be used on rivers, streams, brooks, ponds, lakes, lochs, licks, oceans, seas, inlets, gulfs, irrigation ditches, water park rides, bathtubs, drainage overflow channels, canals, puddles, reservoirs, bayous, arroyos, subglacial lakes, tsunamis (not recommended), castle moats, creeks, glaciers (results take longer), swamps, wetlands, and billabongs.


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