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GMO pioneer reveals adorable TomatoCat

HUNTSVILLE – World, say hello to Catsup, the first-ever genetically modified organism (GMO) that combines genes from a cat and a tomato.

“We don’t have a practical purpose in mind,” said lead researcher Gail Fellows of Piddler BioLabs. “It’s just a cute idea and we had the ability to do it.”

Catsup’s creation was a natural progression from the company’s past experiments remixing the genetic material of various life forms, such as carrots, mosquitos, coyotes and viruses.

“You never know what you might get when you combine traits from vastly different organisms,” said Fellows. “You could create a grape that transmits vaccinations to millions, or maybe a mushroom that dissolves skyscrapers and is impervious to all known herbicides. No telling.”

The question on everyone’s mind is whether the cat will taste like tomato. Cursory observation of the tomato-cat’s litter box suggests otherwise.

“Let’s just say the output of this tomato-cat, while arguably tomato paste-like in consistency and color, is definitely not similar in taste or smell to tomatoes and could just mean that this poor creature is near death.”

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